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Our fully insured team will transform your property into the landscape you've been dreaming of!

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What We Offer


Mowing Services

Lawn mowing services include mowing your lawn to proper height, trimming edges near sidewalks or curbs, blowing clippings from sidewalks or driveways and bagging and disposing of lawn waste.

A proper yard cleanup readies your lawn and landscaping for the next season.


Detailed Landscaping

Landscape installations accent the beauty of your home.

Many benefits arise from a landscape installation such as increasing the value of your home, improving your home’s curb appeal, and preventing foundational soil erosion.


Pruning & Plantings

For trees on your property that are not in the most ideal growing spot, our certified arborists offer precise and professional transplanting services.

From choosing the best plants for your yard to deadheading and watering. We will help nurture and care for your garden.


Spring & Fall Cleanup

A thorough yard cleanup readies your lawn and landscaping for the next season.

Your lawn and the rest of your landscaping need some TLC at different times of the year. We provide all kinds of professional yard cleanup services.

We are always thorough and pay attention to the little details that make the difference!

Excavation & Cleanups

More than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to make their personal spaces more inviting and peaceful.

Rest assured that we will work hard so that you don't have to! Sit back and enjoy as you watch your space transform into a restful oasis this season!


Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration helps reduce soil compaction, improve soil drainage, and promote healthy root growth, which results in a lush and healthy lawn.

Enhance the health and appearance of your lawn with us! We can make your lawn more resistant to drought, disease, and other environmental stresses, keeping your grass looking its best.

Lawn Restoration

We take a comprehensive approach to improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Whether your problem involves overseeding, fertilization, or weed control, our experts can address specific issues affecting the quality of your grass.

Has your lawn suffered damage from drought, heavy foot traffic, pests, or other factors? Our experienced team can help restore it to its former glory.

Seeding and Fertilization

Seeding and fertilization aids in the overall health of your grass. Say goodbye to thin or bare patches and hello to a more denser and vibrant lawn.

Our team at Dino's Landscaping can help you choose the right seed mix and fertilization plan for your specific needs and goals.


Adding new plants to your landscape enhances its beauty and functionality. Planting can also provide a range of benefits, such as creating natural barriers or privacy screens, improving soil health, increasing biodiversity, and enhancing curb appeal.

Whatever your goals we offer a variety of planting services to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of fertilization depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of grass you have, the climate in your area, and the soil conditions. In general, most lawns benefit from fertilization two to four times per year, with spring and fall being the most common times to apply fertilizer. Our team can help you determine the best fertilization schedule for your specific lawn.

The best plants for your landscape will depend on your specific goals, preferences, and the conditions of your property. Factors such as sun exposure, soil type, and water availability can all affect the success of different types of plants. At Dino's Landscaping, we can help you choose the right plants for your needs and provide expert guidance on planting and care.

Signs that your lawn may benefit from aeration include soil compaction, water runoff or puddling, thin or patchy grass growth, and excessive thatch buildup. If you are unsure whether your lawn needs aeration, our team can perform a soil test and inspection to determine the best course of action for improving your lawn's health and appearance.

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