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Excavation & Drainage Services in Danbury, CT

Standing water around your house, yard or lawn is not only ugly and muddy, it can also become a major health and safety issue - breeding bacteria and mosquitos where you and your family live and play.

If water pools next to the house and seeps into the sides, basement or foundation, it can become a major headache for any homeowner. Dino's Landscaping provides a variety of excavation and drainage services to put an end to all these problems!

What We Offer


Water Drainage

Direct excess water and destructive moisture away from your house with gutter services and excavation.


Waterproof Sealing

We apply waterproof sealant paint to provide an additional barrier of moisture and water protection.


Clearing & Leveling

We clean up the property and its grounds, removing all types of stubborn roots or weeds and leveling out uneven terrain.



Not sure what your situation requires? Call us for a free consultation and get expert solutions for your property.

Protection, Preparation For Landscaping & More

Dino's Landscaping leaves your yards and property expertly prepared for lawn installation, landscaping design, plantings, gardening, masonry work and more.

Whether you need water removal and drainage services to take care of an existing problem, or would like to safeguard and prepare your property for the future, get in touch with the experts at Dino's Landscaping for a free quote, no matter the size or complexity of your next project. We'll guide you through it!